Trashes and Wastes Not Managed in Parliament Kelana Jaya

Good Day to the people of Kelana Jaya.

It was put to our attention by the people of Kelana Jaya that the waste management in our area is poorly managed in both Dun Subang Jaya and Dun Seri Setia.

This unhealthy situation is disturbing, with the unpleasant smell, not to mention the sight, disturbance of the traffic, and most importantly the risks of the diseases  caused by the poorly managed wastes are alarming! The amount of flies and mosquitoes has increased tremendously.

We strongly urge the MPSJ  and PKR to do something about this FAST! We do not want our life to be endangered with diseases like Malaria or even Aedes! We pay our taxes okay. Where are our rights?!?  Please do something will you?

See below for the pictures around Subang Jaya and Seri Setia:

Click the below picture for a newspaper report on the waste management issue in Subang Jaya and still?? Do something??

//Credits to AAKJ for the pics, and Utusan Malaysia for the post.


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