MPSJ 3C Complex

Another question arises when the MPSJ 3C complex located in Subang Jaya was painted AGAIN for the 3rd time since Pakatan Rakyat took over in 2008?

Do we really need to repaint every MPSJ’s building every year??

Who was the contractor hired to do the refurbishment?

Something fishy is going on around here for sure..

Maybe SPR needs to start investigating?

And the most recent look below.. Painted for the 3rd time in 3 years?

Goodness? For Real??

Does MPSJ really have a lot of money to spend?

Or was this spent to bring benefits to a certain individual?

Why must MPSJ / Hannah Yeo initiated the banishment of a Surau in Indah Court to build a multilevel carpark?

And the Surau will so called be replaced on the 4th floor of the carpark? How ignorant can an ADUN be towards the people from other religions?

Back to the 3C Complex, rather than repainting the building every year.. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to spend the money on things that are really important like the Waste Management? Or repairing the pod holes for a start?

Again, seeing from the above picture, the people of PAR Kelana Jaya prefers going to Barisan Nasional to get some help in solving their issues.

Let me quote the exact word of the people “Rakyat tak nak jumpa adun dap dan pkr..buang masa je..”

//Credits : Photos and resources taken from AAKJ, Lee You Hin, Berita Harian.


4 Responses to MPSJ 3C Complex

  1. Justforfun says:

    lol demolish a surau and make parking is a crime …. even when the surau would be given a place on the 4th floor. destroy other religions temple and never give a place to rebuild is fine by BN >:)

    • adminbnkj says:

      Thanks for your input 🙂

      1) majority of the people in Indah Court are muslims
      2) replacing it on the 4th floor means that the surau will be smaller and the accessability is harder
      3) surau is used not only for the prayers..but to arrange a funeral including the needs to bathe the dead, funeral prayers etc, not to forget the friday prayers. Therefore it is irrelevant to have it on the 4th floor and defeats the purpose of having a surau.

      4) BN do respect all religions.. Example, when midvalley megamall was built, the hindu temple needs to be abolished for awhile, but after the construction, the temple was given the same spot to be rebuilt and upgraded 🙂

  2. Kelana Jaya people writing on the behalf of Subang Jaya people – this is great as we, the people look out for each other. Thank you for writing and keep on keeping on.

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