SS17 residents are jeopardizing their lives crossing to SS15, another pedestrian bridge YB @hannahyeoh ?

The article below is from one of our fellow subang jaya residents.. Let’s hear his voice..I’m sure most of Subang Jaya people feel the same too.. Lets read through..


On the ‘ceramah’ delivered by YB Hannah Yeoh on 6 January 2012 at Kompleks 3K Subang Jaya , she mentioned that in 2009 when the Federal Government open the Subang-Kelana Link Highway, more than 1000 devotees of Subang Jaya Buddhist Association and Sri Vartaraja Perumal Temple had a problem to cross the ten lanes road. More than 1000 signature on the petition to built a pedestrian bridge had been handed to Jabatan Kerja Raya since 2009. Temple goers claimed that they are risking their lives crossing the busy Jalan Kewajipan from SS14 including braving traffing from Subang-Kelana Link Highway.

This location is actually quite near to my house, so this morning I captured numbers of photos for my blog readers evaluation. The following pictures is the housing and shop area where the temple goers from SS14 supposed to park their vehicles




Above is the road side where the pedestrian bridge was requested to be built. The right side of the residential street is the shop area , further up of the road (right side) is the housing area as shown in the first picture. The temple goers , I suppose they will park their vehicles here and cross the main road to reach the temple. Below is the worship schedule for the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association, it seems like every religion in Malaysia (Islam, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist) have a special day in a week for some special worship.

Read more pls visit his blog at Mega Bidaman.


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