Waste management issue in Subang Jaya is a sabotage?? Owhh come on..

It was clear to all residents of Dun Subang Jaya that the current waste management process under MPSJ / PKR @Hannah Yeoh is inefficient and poorly managed. Hannah Yeoh recently made a statement during the so called public awareness session in 3K complex last Friday(7th Jan 2012) that the waste management issue in this area is a sabotage!


The people of Subang Jaya are not fools for sure.. The fact was since MPSJ took over the waste management from Alam Flora (PKR terminates ALAM FLORA’s contract in Selangor and passed on the responsibilities to the local Majlis Perbandaran), the daily wastes in all residents was not picked up by the contractors on a daily basis but on average the trashes are being picked up 2-3 times a week only. The obvious effects to this issue are bad odour, ugly sight, more flies and mosquitoes in the residential area. And again major concerns on the heath factor that s put at stake due to the poor waste management.

All housing areas are affected and in a highly densed residential areas, especially in the linked houses, apartments and flats, this issue has become disasterous! Logically speaking, the more people lives in an area will definitely produce more wastes thus it is definitely not enough to have a fortnightly waste collection. This is definitely not a sabotage but a real genuine issue.. It has also been discussed and debated in an online communty forum for Subang Jaya residents (http://www.usj.com.my). And still the PKR claims that it is a sabotage!






The residents of Subang Jaya know the facts and demand for our rights!
The residents, WE know that :
– Alam flora was teminated and the waste management handling are given to local majlis perbandaran
– The contactors are selected by the local majlis perbandaran through a “so called” tendering process
– The current hired contractors hired for the whole of Selangor is around 50, when it was supposedly around 80 plus required to effectively manage waste efficiently in Selangor
– The difficulties for Majlis Perbandaran to get contractors are due to the PKR government only gives out two months based contracts
– The trash lorry only comes by 2-3times a week to pick up the trashes -excluding weekends!
– This issue is not a sabotage issue yet it is Genuine!
– We deserve a more comfortable, clean healthy and unhazardous environment to live in..

Afterall, we all pay the taxes!

In short, STOP giving excuses and turn a genuine issue into political issues. ADDRESS TO OUR NEEDS!

//credits to mega and aakj for the pics and report.


3 Responses to Waste management issue in Subang Jaya is a sabotage?? Owhh come on..

  1. emzac says:

    good explanation on the situation and as usual, pkr pas and dap will find a scape goat for them to blame on and not actually handle the issue. thus indicating they are damn good issue spinner thus dirty politics. far from providing good service to the people as they are supposed to . tq

    • adminbnkj says:

      Dear kind sir, thank you for comment. It is with great pleasure to fight for the rights of PAR Kelana Jaya’s residents.. BN Kelana Jaya for the people.:-)

    • nonnymaya2 says:

      I do agree with you emzac, PKR and DAP can really twist the issue.. and above all, the way they brought an issue, they will always bring up racism elements, if not the obvious way it will be the softer way. I hate DAPs!

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