Loh Seng Kok Pledges to Act on Priority Issues if Elected as MP for Kelana Jaya

Source : sjecho

SUBANG JAYA, APRIL 22 2013: “I will immediately get cracking on issues which are top on the list of Subang Jaya residents the moment I am elected as your Parliamentarian,” BN candidate for Kelana Jaya Loh Seng Kok said today.

Loh said all he needed was the word “GO” (to be elected as their Member of Parliament) to tackle concerns which are close to the hearts of residents, namely crime; public transportation and traffic congestion.

Having served the Kelana Jaya constituency as its Member of Parliament from 2004 to 2008, Loh said he is no stranger to issues at hand which need to be tackled straight away.

“Together with residents, we fought for the LRT to come to Subang Jaya back in 2004-2008. Today, we see the LRT under construction right before our eyes.”

“Once it is completed, we will see some improvements in the traffic congestion we face today,” he said to reporters before his meet-the-people session in Court 2, USJ6.

Loh said it was important for the LRT project concessionaire Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad to provide adequate “Park n Ride” facilities at strategic locations along the LRT track.

“This will ensure residents take the LRT thus easing the use of private vehicles. The construction of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will also provide good alternatives for public transportation.”

“These projects which are being coordinated by the Federal Government will take time to complete. It is my hope that residents will exercise patience while we work at putting the building blocks together to ease traffic congestion,” he added.

On the anticipated increase of indiscriminate parking in residential areas by those using the LRT when it is completed, Loh said educating motorists on the need to be considerate of neighbourhoods was a priority.

“They should park at designated areas and not indiscriminately park in residential areas.”

“Enforcement by the local authority is also a priority to deter and nip this problem at the start. Commuters should use the shuttle bus services to be provided and leave their cars at home,” he said, adding that he would spend time to work with the relevant agencies immediately to ensure a smooth execution of the plan when the LRT and BRT services were operational.

Loh, who did not contest in the 2008 general election said crime prevention measures were also at the top of his “To Do” list.

“As your Member of Parliament, I will work towards getting the authorities to increase police patrols in all the neighbourhoods of Subang Jaya.”

“I will also facilitate the installation of more CCTVs at strategic and crime prone areas for prevention of crime,” he said, adding that he would put more effort in roping in RELA to provide additional security for the neighbourhood apart from helping to increase the number of Rukun Tetangga to enhance neighbourliness and security.


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