Sharing : Kit Siang stand in 2040??

Sharing some article, analysis and forecasting — Choose Smart – Vote!

 Where would Kit Siang stand in 2040?? 

Politics and political power is all about people. So any changes to the demographics will have a bearing on the political outcome. [so far no animal have been allowed to vote, so changes in the animal population will not affect our politics. I am however rather disappointed that a few frogs have been allowed to stand as candidates].
I just got hold of population projections up to 2040 from the Statistics Department. They have a lot of data on their website – you should go and spend some time there
Let’s look what the potential changes to the Malaysian population and how it may affect politics.
In 2010, Malaysia’s population was 28.6 million. The population will increase by about 10 million (35.0%) to 38.6 million in 2040 (Chart 1). The percentage of people living in urban areas will also increase (from the current 71% to over 80%). Selangor will still be the populous state but Sabah will overtake Johor to become the second most populated state.

read more here


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