The People Leader..

May 4, 2013

The People Leader..

A true friend will be by your side when you are in need…

N32 Dun Seri Setia – Datuk Halim Samad, Forum with the residents of SS15/10 Kelana Jaya

May 4, 2013



May 4, 2013

Datuk Halim Samad, the Barisan Nasional’s N32 Dun Seri Setia candidate was found around  Taman Datuk Hormat yesterday to meet the residents there..

Datuk Halim was warmly welcome by the residents.. The residents also took this opportunity to share their thoughts with Datuk Halim. Datuk Halim is known for his friendly, down to earth personality.. Also someone that the people look up to and one that the people can depend on… “Datuk Halim, he really helped.. not just talk.. He put actions into words” said one of the residents there.


More pictures here.

Datuk Halim Samad – Walkabout Desa Mentari

May 4, 2013

Datuk Halim Samad walkabout session at Desa Mentari, Block 9 and 10 yesterday went well. N32 Dun Seri Setia BN candidate Datuk Halim was warmly accepted. He is named as the most favorable candidate – Pemimpin berjiwa rakyat..


Source : PDM KG Lindungan

Attempts to Sabotage the BN Campaigns in Dun Seri Setia

May 1, 2013

Around 2pm this evening, a few BN Security personnels found a couple of plastic bags containing Motolov Cocktail around the Barisan Nasional Command Centre for Dun Seri Setia. A few police reports have been launched by BN and the local residents to identify the person who did all this attempts. Lets hope that this person is caught soon.

Reported by : Wadah Kelana Jaya


sabotage investigation by the police.

Barisan Nasional Selangor’s Manifesto 2013 – Peace, Stability, Prosperity

April 27, 2013

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BR1M 2.0 Announcement – Registration starts 1st Nov 2012.

October 8, 2012

According to the Minister of Finance2 – DS Husni Hanadzlah, registration for BR1M 2.0 starts on 1st Nov 2012. The registration period will be going on for 2 months and registration can be made at LHDN as well as any district offices. For those who have received BR1M, no registration required as it will be auto registered.


BN For the People..

“Rakyat Di Dahulukan, Pencapaian DiUtamakan”


Source : Media UMNO

BR1M 6th Phase : Dun Seri Setia, Kelana Jaya

April 26, 2012

26 APRIL 2012


Credits to : Zaidi Mazalan

Launch of BN Force – Parliament Kelana Jaya

April 14, 2012

Date : 14th April 2012

Time : 2.30pm

Venue : Level 1, Kompleks 3K, SS13 Subang Jaya

The launching ceremony was officiated by Datuk Yahaya Bujang, Chairman of Barisan Nasional Parliament Kelana Jaya.

With the true 1Malaysia spirit, all the BN components party members of Parliament Kelana Jaya came to overfull of energy and determination to serve the people of Parliament Kelana Jaya.

About more than 300 task force members came to the officiating ceremony.

Among the leaders who came over were Datuk Fateh Iskandar, Mdm Ong Chong Swen, Mr Lee You Hin, Mr Gan Meng Hoo, and many more..

BN Kelana Jaya for the people!

BR1M Distribution Phase 5 Dun Seri setia

March 17, 2012

Date : 15th March 2012
Venue : Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Lindungan
Time : 8am-3.30pm

BR1M voucher distribution phase 5, was done for Dun Seri Setia last Thursday. About 900 people came to receive the voucher. The program was also attended by Datuk Haji Abdul Halim Samad, BN Coordinator for Dun Seri Setia, Datuk Yahaya Bujang, Timbalan Ketua UMNO Kelana Jaya, Lee You Hin, MCA youth head for Kelana Jaya. Photos as per below :

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